Himawari-8 Wallpaper

This PowerShell script will download the latest Himawari-8 images, stitch them together, and set them as the desktop wallpaper.

Note that your ExecutionPolicy will need to allow such a script to run first



Web Experience

Programming websites started as a by-product of my employment inside EQ and my commitment to my gaming group of the time. It quickly turned into something that I do for fun, and have produced countless websites, software systems and stand-alone tools.

My speciality is in business-critical and process-automation software tools. My work has ranged from simple static-HTML sites, to architecting solutions in a consultant role, and building systems which run companies of all sizes.

As I am currently employed as a Project Manager and Senior Developer for a web development agency, the rest of these details are, well, confidential.

IT Experience

I have completed a Certificate III in Information Technology (Network Administration)

I made my start in IT at the end of Grade 9, and have been working in it ever since. (That's quite a while, folks.) I was trained on a very complicated network, with over 1700 users across 7 servers and 2 domains, with a fibre optic core and gigabit trunk feeding 100mbps branches, ultimately connecting over 600 computers.

And you're like, that sounds alright. It does at first, but this was experienced gained inside Education Queensland. Security and confidentiality was key, as well as navigating the structure and political minefield that comes with it. My tasks ranged from basic "the mouse doesn't work" to complete dis-assembly (and re-assembly) of printers and laptops in order to diagnose and repair faults (or student damage).

I work largely un-supervised able to diagnose and repair even the most complicated of issues. My management and organisational skills are top-class, and my attention to the most minor detail is my greatest asset. I have conducted hardware audits (a long list, I tell you) by serial number, replaced an entire sites worth of switching equiptment (and retained settings & patch layout), liased with users on all manner of issues and built standard Ghost images for deployment across a variety of machines.


I am currently employed and not seeking a change. Offers will be casually disregarded - unless you show serious commitment to wanting me.

Live Production

Lighting Design and Operation

Having a dedicated lighting operator is something not generally considered for smaller scale productions (under 15 phases, or about 60 channels) but has been a key part to several shows receiving a high level of polish and enabling the designer to focus on, well, designing. I have incredibly precise and smooth motions and can action complete corssfades smoothly and by hand. I can also run shows completely on the fly, when the time just isn't there to pre-program the show. Most of my operating experience is for musical-style productions, where someone else has programmed and designed the show, leaving me only to run it.

My approach to design is different, dynamic and exciting. No longer do we get static scenes for 5 minutes, the drop in from the band will never go un-noticed and the lighting should be as much of the show as the show itself. Most of the designing experience is for bands and indoor ceremonial events.

I would love to get involved with your next show, whatever the challenge may be.

Audio Systems Design and Operation

Audio engineering is my passion. Without exception. I'm a purist, and perfectionist and very, very fussy.

Whether it be for a new fixed installation, remastering some tracks or recording an entire albumn, I have the experience. I have spent years gathering my own collection of audio technology and sharpening and refining my skills.

If you want me to get involved or want to hear some of my work, make contact and I'll send you more info.

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